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Thermic Fluid Market Overview, Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast, 2012 - 2018 include new market research report" Thermic Fluid Market By Product (Silicone And Aromatics, Mineral Oils, Glycol Based Fluids, Etc.), By Application (Oil And Gas, Chemicals, Solar, Pharmaceuticals, Etc.) - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast, 2012 - 2018" to its huge collection of research reports.

This study analyzes estimates and forecasts the demand for thermic fluids, also known as heat transfer fluids (HTF) in terms of revenue and volumes from 2011 to 2018. The study provides a comprehensive snapshot of the thermic fluids industry by segmenting the market into product categories including silicone and aromatic thermic fluids, mineral oil based thermic fluids, glycol based thermic fluids and other (including molten salts and HFPE). The report also provides market data and forecast for various applications of thermic fluids including oil and gas, chemical processing, CSP, foods and plastics in terms of volumes (kilo tons) and revenues (USD million) from 2011 to 2018. All product and application segmentation data has been provided on a granular level for key geographies across the globe.

The study includes value chain analysis to understand the supply chain of different thermic fluids, which also analyzes each key player in the value chain. The report also includes Porter’s five forces analysis for the thermic fluid market and also highlights the market attractiveness for the different thermic fluid products such as silicones, mineral oils and glycols. 

The report sheds light on bio-based thermic fluids, discussing the emerging market as well as key players in the bio-based thermic fluid market. The study also covers key mergers and acquisitions conducted by few players in the market.

The study includes market share analysis of major players that operate in the global market along with detailed company profiles for each. The main market players profiled in this report include Dow Chemicals, Exxon Mobil, Solutia Inc., British Petroleum PLC, The Shell, Dynalene, Paratherm Corporation, BASF AG and more. 

The report segments the global thermic fluids market as follows: 
Thermic Fluid Market, by Product Type
Silicone and Aromatic 
Mineral Oil based Fluids 
Glycol based Fluids 
Other (including molten salts and HFPE) 

Thermic Fluid Market, by Application
Oil and Gas 
Chemical industry 
Food and Beverages 
Other (including transport, biodiesel, waste heat recovery, etc) 

Thermic Fluid Market, by Geography

North America 
Asia Pacific 
Rest of the World (ROW) 

All Points are covered in table of Content of this Report some of them listed here:
Chapter 3 Market Overview

3.1 Introduction

3.1.1 Application of thermic fluids

3.2 Value chain analysis

3.3 Market drivers

3.3.1 Growing production of concentrated solar power (CSP)

3.3.2 FDA approval for food grade thermic fluids

3.3.3 Advantages of thermal fluid systems over steam systems

3.4 Market restraints

3.4.1 Volatile raw material prices

3.5 Market opportunities

3.5.1 Growth of major end use industries in Asia Pacific

3.5.2 Development of bio-based thermic fluids

3.6 Raw Material Analysis

3.6.1 Crude oil

3.6.2 Benzene

3.6.3 Silicone

3.6.4 Propylene glycol

3.7 Porter’s five forces analysis

3.7.1 Bargaining power of supplier

3.7.2 Bargaining power of buyers

3.7.3 Threat from new entrant

3.7.4 Threat from substitutes

3.7.5 Degree of competition

3.8 Thermic fluids market: market attractiveness analysis

3.9 Company market share analysis

Chapter 8 Company Profiles

8.1 Dow Chemical Company

8.1.1 Company overview

8.1.2 Financial overview

8.1.3 Business strategies

8.1.4 SWOT analysis

8.1.5 Recent developments

8.2 Exxon Mobil

8.2.1 Company overview

8.2.2 Financial overview

8.2.3 Business strategies

8.2.4 SWOT analysis

8.3 Solutia Inc.

8.3.1 Company overview

8.3.2 Financial overview

8.3.3 Business strategies

8.3.4 SWOT analysis

8.3.5 Recent developments

8.4 British Petroleum

8.4.1 Company overview

8.4.2 Financial overview

8.4.3 Business strategies

8.4.4 SWOT analysis

8.5 Royal Dutch Shell

8.5.1 Company overview

8.5.2 Financial overview

8.5.3 Business strategies

8.5.4 SWOT analysis


8.6.1 Company overview

8.6.2 Financial overview

8.6.3 Business strategies

8.6.4 SWOT analysis

8.7 Dynalene Inc.

8.7.1 Company overview

8.7.2 Business strategies

8.7.3 SWOT analysis

8.7.4 Recent developments

8.8 Paratherm Corporation

8.8.1 Company overview

8.8.2 Business strategies

8.8.3 SWOT analysis

8.8.4 Recent developments

8.9 Multitherm LLC.

8.9.1 Company overview

8.9.2 Business strategies

8.9.3 SWOT analysis

8.10 Kost U.S.A Inc.

8.10.1 Company overview

8.10.2 Business strategies

8.10.3 SWOT analysis

8.10.4 Recent developments

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